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Abby is a red-colored playable character introduced as Kickstarter-exclusive DLC for Monster Camp. They are the replacement for Amira Rashid.

They are voiced by Cristina "Vee" Valenzuela.


Abby is a chubby brown golem made of clay. As such, various cracks and faults in the clay can be seen on their body. They are most often seen wearing a red and white shirt with a red jacket tied around their waist and over their shorts. They have simple red and white shoes with matching red and white socks. Their hair covers the area where their eyes would be, with said hair being tied into a bun.


Little is directly known of Abby's personality, as their lines consist of grunts, giggles, or affirmative and negative sounds, speaking no words. It is unclear if it is because they cannot or do not want to speak, or just happenstance that they don't in any in-game lines. Outside of that, it appears that Abby is rather silly and cheerful, doing things like restyling their hair into different shapes when it gets wet, or using their own hand to do pottery. They also seem to get along well with others, as they are shown taking selfies with ghosts and playing with raccoons.


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  • Abby has no preference for what pronouns they use.[1]
  • "Abigail" is a Jewish name meaning "my father's joy" or "my father is joy".[2]
    • This, along with golems being creatures of Jewish faith, may indicate that Abby is Jewish. If so, this would make them the second canonically Jewish character after Vicky Schmidt.
      • Further, both Abby and Vicky are artificial constructs.
    • The choice of "Abby" may be based on "rabbi", a spiritual leader in Judaism. The most famous golem narrative is that of the one created by the 16th-century rabbi of Prague, Judah Loew ben Bezalel.[3]


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