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"Damien LaVey (21), a fearless demon with a taste for destruction and a love of fire."

- Damien's introduction

Damien LaVey is one of the original six main love interests in Monster Prom, and a returning love interest in Monster Camp. He is also the Red playable character in Monster Prom: REVERSE.

He is voiced by Nathan Sharp (@NateWantsToBtl).


Damien is a demon with red skin, and two darker red horns at the top of his head, the right-hand one having been broken by himself. He also has a tail with a spade-like tip. He has maroon hair.




Damien is described as "intense", and willing to "bring Hell upon those who dare bother him." He enjoys destruction, as one of his hobbies is setting ants, and many other things, on fire. His resistance to fire is convenient, in this sense. His overly aggressive attitude intimidates many students, resulting in him being greatly feared throughout the school. This also acknowledged by teachers, as Ms. Panthera states he has anger issues, as well as "thirst for violence".

He dislikes it when people tell him to calm down, and is also opposed to the status quo. His main insult against the player is calling them a "noob", but he uses a variety of curses as well.

However, Damien has a more subdued side to him as well, evidenced by the fact that he believes that love is one of the most badass and powerful things in the world. As seen in an event with Miranda, he enjoys doing crafts. He also wants to be a hairstylist, but doesn't know how to tell his parents, since they expect him to rule over Hell next. He is not looking forwards to his rule, as he doesn't know how he will "rebel against authority when [he is] the authority".

For Monster Camp, the developers decided to tweak his personality somewhat, as they felt he would be too one-note and because there were already several characters in Camp that were prone to violence. As character development from the original game, while he still loves fire and crime, he has been toned down somewhat. Additionally, his role as a prince loved by his fathers has been expanded, and he is now more explicitly a royal and sheltered "daddies' boy" who is inept in a camp setting ("VERY BAD at survival"). The developers think this will make him more vulnerable and silly, "like a critter who screams loud but you just want to pet".[1]

Skills and Abilities

  • Royalty:
  • Monster Abilities: As a demon, Damien has the following abilities:
    • Demonic Physiology:
      • Flaming Stomach:
      • Oviparity:
      • Shapeshifting:


In Monster Prom and Monster Camp

Damien is a primary love interest in both Monster Prom and Monster Camp.

In Monster Prom: REVERSE

Damien appears as the red-colored playable character in Monster Prom: REVERSE.

Stat Requirements

Monster Prom


  • Short: 12+ BOLDNESS and 7+ FUN
  • Long: 17+ BOLDNESS and 10+ FUN


  • Short: 10+ BOLDNESS and 5+ FUN
  • Long: 14+ BOLDNESS and 7+ FUN

Monster Camp


  • Short: 10+ BOLDNESS, 10+ FUN, and 10+ CHARM


  • Long: 12+ BOLDNESS and either 7 or 10+ FUN


  • Amira Rashid: As anyone could imagine, these two are pure fire. They have tons of energy, and they can be dangerous together. That can be either good or bad; they can both enjoy massively reckless behavior and utter destruction… until they reach any kind of disagreement. Once they start arguing, you can expect it to escalate pretty quickly to the point that they completely forget the root of their fight. Both of them are a bit too stubborn, and that can sometimes make their time together delicate and overall stormy. So, one could say their chemistry is… rather explosive.[2]
  • Brian Yu: Sometimes Damien is a bit too intense for Brian. But when Brian is in the mood, they can enjoy doing foolish stuff and having a good time. Damien appreciates how Brian is sometimes the cool silent type, and of course he likes his tendency to go with the flow, so Damien can make his own (crazy) choices on what to do. In general, Brian appreciates Damien, who's fun for the most part. It's just that sometimes he needs to rest and recharge from all that intensity.[3]
  • Oz: Oz and Damien don't mix very well since they trigger each other quite easily. They can have a good time, but they really need someone else to act as a mediator to balance their quite different personalities. They can work together if Oz has a special day when he feels more confident than usual or Damien has a special day when he feels calmer or in a better mood than usual.[4]
  • Vicky Schmidt: Damien cannot stand that Vicky is almost always right, and he loves trying to prove her wrong, even if he tends to fail at it. She is okay with this and has no issue letting him try, both because she's understanding and because she has a bit of fun seeing him fail. She doesn't get mean about it, but she's not afraid to say 'I told you so' every now and then. He gets super angry about this, but deep down he respects her undeniable strength, while she finds his foolish stubbornness kind of cute.[5]
  • Dahlia Aquino: In the original game, Damien and Dahlia were bitter, intensely violent rivals, as the Aquinos wished to take control of the 8th Circle of Hell from the LaVeys.
    • Monster Camp: Damien and Dahlia have been rivals for a long time. They're still rivals, but in a much friendlier demeanor now. Dahlia is way chiller about her rivalry now that she realizes Damien is just a little spoiled prince kid. This makes her less obsessed with vanquishing him, as she doesn't see him as a menace nor a challenge anymore. She often mocks him for being a wimp when it comes to surviving in the wilderness. Damien gets a bit upset about Dahlia's mocking, but he doesn't take it too seriously. In the end, they've realized that they have a lot in common, and even if they're not great friends, they can share a good time together without trying to kill each other.[6][7] They, along with Joy, are also in a band called Exorcism Placenta Ventagram together.[8]
  • The Coven
    • Hope: Damien once shared a slow dance with a previous incarnation of Hope and developed a crush on her that he has yet to move on from, even after her fourth reincarnation. Most of the packages she delivers for her service are from Damien to himself so that they have an excuse to see and talk to each other. He dislikes when she turns her meanness on him and criticizes his toxic masculinity, but seems willing to change his negative behavior if it has the potential to make her like him.[9] Damien still harbors feelings for Hope as of Monster Camp.
    • Joy Johnson-Johjima: As of Monster Camp, Damien and Joy, along with Dahlia, are in a band called Exorcism Placenta Ventagram together.[8] Similar to how Dahlia wishes and repeatedly asks Joy to be a member of the Coven, Damien repeatedly requests to be its next Big Bad enemy.
  • Kale: Damien and Kale, along with Scott, are all fans of PokeMan.[10]
  • Lucien and Stan LaVey: Lucien and Stan LaVey are Damien's biological[11] fathers. They are very loving and supportive of Damien, including in his love for beauty styling and drag. They love seeing him "eviscerating some warriors and showing the power" of their family. They want him to inherit their throne and become the ruling general of the 8th Circle of Hell, but understand and support his dream of also becoming a professional stylist. Likewise, Damien loves and respects them greatly.[12] Being very protective of their son, and aware he has very poor survival skills because of his sheltered upbringing, they packed his camp supplies for him and included many useful things (which Damien either ignores or misinterprets); they also unintentionally included their own sex toys and dangerous or cursed items.[13]
  • Calculester Hewlett-Packard: Calculester and Damien have very different approaches to life. Calculester is very disturbed by Damien's passion for violence and crimes. Damien is not upset with Calculester for this, because he sees the pure robot as a good friend who cannot see the upside of crime and violence because he's just too new to life. He just needs someone to push him in the right direction! Because of all this, both try to push the other one into their own directions: Damien tries to convince Cal that violence is an essential part of life, while Cal tries to convince Damien to be more of a pacifist. They usually just agree to disagree. Even with all these differences, they're still good friends![14][15]
  • Liam de Lioncourt: Liam and Damien are an explosive duo. They both are tons of angst and rebellious attitudes, but they exteriorize them in very different ways. Because of this, they can easily drive each other crazy, but in the end, they're similar in their own ways, and they can ultimately understand each other. Also, they tend to be the primary targets for the Slayer, so they have shared many moments trying to survive her mortal attacks.[16]
  • Milo Belladonna: Milo and Damien sometimes discuss Damien's interest in beauty styling. Milo bemoans Damien's self-inflicted trappings in the "bad boy"/toxically masculine mold and his insecure need to mask or ignore his other interests with violence and arson. They wish Damien would realize he could fully embrace and equally love both his violent/masculine and stylish/feminine interests, and that others would accept that of him.[13]
  • Miranda Vanderbilt: According to Hope, Damien spends so much time with Miranda because she is a "discount version" of Hope; he claims that it was the reason he began talking to her, but he's since befriended Miranda for her own qualities.[9]
  • Polly Geist: These two are the ultimate agents of chaos. Damien is all about raw destructive chaos while Polly is more about fucked up hedonistic chaos. Also, Damien tends to be more mean-spirited than Polly, who just doesn’t give a fuck. They really value each other’s ability to wreak havoc and both despise boredom and routine above all.[17]
  • Scott Howl: Damien and Scott are a classic case of 'boys will be boys'. When they're together, they always end up wreaking havoc in the silliest ways possible. Some of their favorite pastimes are playing Pokeman and trying to sneak creatures onto the school premises for no good reason. These two trust each other to death and they will always have each other's backs. They value that neither of them is judgmental about the other, so they can feel safe and OK just being themselves.[18] Damien and Scott are both big fans of the Pocket Humans (also known as PokeMans) franchise, including the original video games, the card game, and the PokeMans GO mobile game, which they enjoy playing, are both very knowledgeable of, and enjoy cosplaying for. While Damien purposefully abuses and neglects to care for his Pocket Humans, Scott cares for them well. The two of them also very frequently capture wild magical animals (such as griffins and owlbears) for various wacky plans, such as sneaking them into school to wreak havoc, launch business ventures, and bringing them to game nights.
  • Vera Oberlin: Damien and Vera have some things in common, such as using intimidation as a tactic to manipulate people. More often than not, however, they disagree on how to execute certain topics. Damien resorts to much more aggressive tactics such as murder and arson, both of which he carries out himself. Vera is much more subdued, often hiring people to do the dirty work for her, getting things done indirectly.
  • Zoe: Zoe and Damien actually share many interests, since Damien is super into videogames and other geeky stuff. Also, Damien is the fan favorite and Zoe is the ultimate fan, so there's that! Sometimes Damien can get rather annoyed and Zoe's insistence to know everything about him, but in a way, he likes the attention. On the other hand, Damien has always had trouble exploring his own truth, and so he admires Zoe profoundly for how she is unapologetically herself and the extensive explorations she has undergone to discover who she is to herself.[19]
  • Smalltopia: Damien found a civilization of minuscule people while at Spooky High, and appointed himself its ruler.[20] After this, he placed all of its citizens in a lunchbox (destroying their city and suffocating most of its population) and brought them with him to Camp Spooky, where he made them a new kingdom out of sand at the camp's lake. The citizens of Smalltopia consider Damien a cruel and destructive despot that has destroyed their civilization.[13]
  • The Sun: Damien has an intense hatred of the Sun.[21] This hatred has continued into Monster Camp.[13]


  • Damien has two fathers, Lucien and Stan[22], who are both Kings of Hell. They expect him to take over eventually.
    • They are his biological fathers.[11] In Monster Camp, Damien explains that demons give birth by vomiting an egg.
  • In the beginning of the LORE TICKET route, Damien is said to be an Aries.
    • This was confirmed on btflglitch's Zodiac lore reveal.[23]
    • His birthday is March 28. He shares his birthday with Stefani Germanotta/Lady Gaga.[24][25]
  • He likes setting ants on fire, how everything can potentially explode, and innovation applied to torture devices.[26]
    • He dislikes the status quo, people asking him to "just calm down", and "your face... for now."
  • According to Damien's driver's license[25]:
    • His family lives at 666 Sulfur Street
      • Their zip code is 98028
    • He is around 6 feet tall ("6-ish")
    • He was born in the 1990s ("199X")
      • The license expires March 1st, 2022. As licenses issued to drivers under 66 expire 8 years after they are issued, this would mean Damien's license (realistically) would have been issued in 2014 when he was 18, which then places his birth year as either 1997 or 1998 (as implied by his zip code beginning with "98").
    • His license appears to be of Class X, which would permit Damien to drive tank vehicles carrying hazardous materials.
  • His family rules over the 8th circle of Hell. In Dante Alighieri's Inferno, the 8th Circle (known as Malebolge), being the next-to-final circle, is one of the worst circles and its inhabitants suffer among the worst punishments; in Inferno, Malebolge focuses on the sin of "simple fraud" (fraud committed without malicious intent), and punishes counterfeiters, hypocrites, sorcerers, seducers, liars, and thieves. The 9th and final circle of hell lies at Malebolge's center.
    • In the game, it is devoted entirely to Dishonesty, and "it's basically Opposite Day down there 24/7." According to Alighieri, it is the easiest circle of conquer.[27]
    • According to Julian, Damien's family rules over the 8th Circle because he "love(s) the number 8".[28]
  • Damien internally struggles with deciding whether he wants to inherit the family throne as king of the 8th Circle, or if he wants to find his own path in life.
  • He is described as "sheltered".
    • When King of Hell, he will remove the word "Diplomacy"
  • Damien enjoys crafts, seen during an event with Miranda.
  • His name seems to be similar to the word demon, which makes sense due to the type of monster he is.
    • In the game's official discord server, Mihail confirmed that Dante was considered as his name, but it eventually fell out of consideration owing to the fact that it is far more common in fiction than in real life.
    • His surname is LaVey, after the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey.
  • While having lunch with Scott, Damien, and Coach, it is shown that Damien eats extremely fast, due to the fact he has a literal furnace in his stomach.
  • During the lunchtime event with Miranda that involves the Ice Cream Wizard, Damien gets a chance to see how he dies, to which he finds out his death involves an unhealthy amount of bottlenose dolphins.
  • According to himself, Damien's genitalia can shape-shift into nine different shapes, though two of them are used for killing rather than sex.
  • In one of the events with Liam, Damien says he has a pet talking skull he got from tomb robbing. It also apparently hates him.
  • Damien thoroughly enjoys drag.
    • He has a YouTube channel that includes makeup tutorials.
  • Damien and Brian are a considerably popular ship in the fandom, even inspiring a "Bramien" (their official ship name[29]) sprite in the Monster Camp demo.[30][31]
    • Eventually, Oz and Damien usurped them as the fandom-favorite ship.[32] Their official ship name is "Ozmien".[33]
  • Damien's crush on Hope may be a reference to the character Cole from Charmed, a demon who fell in love with one of the protagonist witches.
  • The developers consider Damien's character a satire and critique of toxic masculinity.[34]
  • A figurine of Damien was designed by Cody Bunt (@STRIKDERP).[35]
  • The language and translation of the script on Damien's shorts as featured on his official dakimakura is unknown.
    • It resembles the shorts worn by Fahkumram, a character in the Japanese fighting game series Tekken, which bear his own name written in Thai.
    • It resembles the summoning sigil in the Dark Souls game series.
  • Damien's default jacket is based directly on a jacket owned by Julián Quijano.[36]

Route Appearances

Monster Prom

Monster Camp


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