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Moss Mann is a minor NPC in Monster Camp. Their role is to spread gossip and rumors that affect a given stat of the player who sits with them at the campfire.

They are voiced by Octopimp (@Octopimp).[1]


Moss is a smartly-dressed mothperson with midnight-blue "skin" and dark blue fur. They have glowing red eyes and two antennae protruding from their head. Their large wings, which are folded over their shoulders like a cape, are a similar blue shade with five red spots at the ends on the underside.


Moss expresses interest in both learning and spreading gossip and rumors about the people of Monster Camp.


Moss functions as a new way to affect players' stats outside of event options, similar to lunch events - they may either increase a stat of the player that sits with them, or decreases one of another player. This is done by selecting choices and inputting answers in a Madlib-style prompt, which Moss will then piece together into a story they tell to the other campers.


  • Their interests in rumors and gossip may be inspired by them being a cryptid.
  • They are classified as a "modern monster".
  • Moss Mann is, similar to Oz, a non-binary male, and uses both They/Them and He/Him pronouns.
  • In one campfire event, they are said to be allergic to peanuts.


Enter this route by typing "moss mann" during his gossip event at the campfire when given the option.


  1. On the first night, select Moss Mann to sit with, and choose options till the fill in the blank section is reached. At this point, type in "Moss Mann" and finish the scene. Moss Mann will approach you the next morning, starting the event.
  2. The best place to start would be with what sort of tone you'd like our gossip to have. [Player Name], what genre(s) should our gossip borrow from?
    • Since the dawn of time, our civilization has excelled at two things: laughing and fucking. Let's do a funny sex rumor. (FUN)
  3. We will work out the details of our twist later. For now, let us decide: should our gossip twist in happy direction to lighten one's mood, or should it go to a dark place?
    • It's not your place to choose. you're just humble gossipers feeding monsterkind. And people feed on the misery of others. (CREATIVE)
    • Life is shitty enough as it is. At least by gossiping you can create something a bit more positive. (FUN)
  4. So, with that in mind, which function do you think our salacious gossip should take the form of?
    • "If good gossip has taught me anything, it's that good gossip should always teach you something." (SMART)
    • "Gossip should explain why things are the way they are. It is how monsterkind came to understand reality: by passing gossip across generations." (CREATIVITY)
  5. Watch the meteor shower alone.

getting all stat check combos unlocks an achievement.