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"Milo Belladonna (23?), a death reaper doubling as an Internet influencer, and who was profoundly in love with life and all its earthly pleasures."

- Milo's introduction

Milo Belladonna is one of the six main love interests in Monster Camp,


Milo has white hair, pink eyes, and skin that is black with white, skeletal-like markings. There is a pink shape in the middle of their chest shaped like a heart. Their nails are a matching pink.

Milo's eyes, heart mark, and nails change color depending on their current mood.[1]




Milo is a social media influencer, garnering a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. They are very interested in fashion and beauty, and they love to encourage their fellow campers to look into such topics themselves. Milo is also very flirtatious, flirting with not only the player but other campers encountered throughout the game.

Stat Requirements

Monster Camp's built-in guide (available to purchase in the Meta-Shop) states, "As an internet personality AND a content creator, Milo values someone whose stats align with those career choices."

Exact numbers are not known, but this implies that Milo requires the player to raise Creativity and Charm.


  • Short: TBA
  • Long: TBA


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  • Dahlia Aquino: Milo and Dahlia vibe really well together. Dahlia is all about seeing the strengths in every person she meets, which syncs well with Milo always trying to help people become better and feel better through their quotable life philosophies. Milo also appreciates Dahlia's infectious optimism. Both of them are very positive people who believe anything is possible if you have the right attitude. They boost each other's self-love and drive constantly. They have different ways of being happy-go-lucky: Milo goes with the flow while Dahlia is an unstoppable torrent of intensity. But they ultimately don't mind this difference and appreciate each other very much.[2][3]


  • Milo is non-binary, and uses They/Them pronouns.[4]
  • The Monster Camp teaser describes Milo as a "Harbinger of Death". It was later confirmed that they are a Reaper.[5] In the game's love interest introduction sequence, they are referred to specifically as a "death reaper".
  • They were designed by fan-artist and crew member Viperfish.[6]
  • Milo is a name thought to be derived from the Old German root milan (meaning "to mill"), and may be a reference to the concept of Reapers reaping souls.
    • Coincidentally, it is also a common name of sorghum, a type of grass cultivated for its grain.
  • Belladonna comes from Atropa belladonna, otherwise known as deadly nightshade, a plant known for both its toxicity and hallucinogenic properties that made it popular in witchcraft.
  • Milo's face is on the desktop icon for Monster Camp.
  • Milo's fanbase are called Milovers.
  • As hinted in their Ice Breakers, Milo has a fondness for various cheeses.
  • Milo lacked a voice actor at Monster Camp's launch; However they have since been given a voice actor upon the last update to the game. Voice Actor Casey Mongillo performs their voice, and Hex's, as well as Zoe's from Monster Prom.[7]
    • According to Mongillo, when they were casted to play Milo, they had to "bring out [their] inner influencer", and watched some Youtubers with such personality for research on how they should perform the voice.[8]

Route Appearances

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