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Oz is the yellow-colored playable character in the Monster Prom series. He is also a love interest in Monster Prom: REVERSE.

He was formerly voiced by Cryaotic (@CryWasTaken) before being replaced by Octopimp (@Octopimp).

He is officially stated as having an indeterminate gender, though he prefers going by he/him. Regardless, players are free to change his pronouns to fit their own in-game.


As he is a being made purely from fear,[2] he appears entirely black with white eyes and eyebrows. The beings that can be seen around his body represent singular phobias, though they do not act as they are scared at any point in the game. Unlike Oz, these beings have mouths but have no in-game dialogue. They are, however, seen interacting with Oz. The matter that they are made up of can also be seen climbing up Oz's pants from their feet in the Ask To Prom section of the game and in a few of the other images.

His school clothes are a yellow cardigan over a white long sleeved button down, he wears a matching gold watch on his right wrist. He wears gray pants. It is unknown what kind of shoes he wears due to them being covered by the dark matter.

His prom outfit is a yellow orange suit, with a white waistcoat and black shirt underneath the suit jacket. He also wears a red tie and a black handkerchief in his suit pocket. Some of his phobias are seen wearing accessories on them, like a top hat or a small bow tie.


Oz is, like Zoe, an ancient entity that is older than time itself.[1][3] Rather than a deity, however, he is the physical embodiment of the concept of fear.[2]

At some point, for unknown reasons and for an unknown amount of time, Oz began attending Spooky High.[4]


Oz is shy, jumpy, nervous, good-hearted, and dorky.[5]

Oz appreciates loneliness from time to time. He’s shy and he sometimes feels pessimistic, but he likes surrounding himself with rather upbeat people. Doing so makes him happier and more positive, even if he appreciates people not pushing him to be that way.[6] He is quiet and compliant.[7] His is neither an introvert nor an extrovert,[8] but somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.[9]

He has geeky hobbies, like reading comics[10] or playing board games,[7] which he is often shy and insecure about because he worries people might find them silly or lame.[3] He loves "good adventures" without being "too wild or too mean".[7]

He suffers from anxiety and/or depression disorder(s),[11] and is nervous and socially anxious.[12] He is described as lacking in charisma, and sometimes wonders about what he can do to be "cool".[10]

Skills and Abilities

  • Monster Abilities: As the embodiment of fear, Oz has the following abilities:
    • Agelessness:
    • Unconventional Physiology:
      • Phobias:


  • Amira Rashid: Amira and Oz have a good relationship, but sometimes they can clash in essential ways. Amira’s eternal fire can be a bit overwhelming for the quiet Oz, while Oz’s shyness and lack of nerve can sometimes be annoying to Amira, who prefers straight answers and immediate action. Oz admires Amira’s strength and character, while she tries to remind herself she has to be more patient with him.[13]
  • Brian Yu: Oz appreciates that Brian is the embodiment of chill. And Brian also feels comfortable around Oz, since he's calmer than your average Spooky High student (which, albeit, isn't saying much). Together they can peacefully enjoy some of their shared interests, such as reading comics. Another thing they share is their lack of natural charisma. Because of this, they sometimes sit together and wonder what they should do to become cool kids. They're totally clueless... but it's kinda adorable.[10][14]
  • Vicky Schmidt: These two have a great friendship, both of them being a bit dorky. They share a bunch of interests and love good adventures without being too wild or too mean. They could greatly enjoy a board game night or solving crimes together. Also, they compliment each other quite well, Vicky being a good leader without being bossy and Oz being more quiet and compliant.[7]
  • Calculester Hewlett-Packard: Oz and Calculester find some calm in each other in the midst of the usual wackiness of Spooky High. Oz's gentleness provides a secure way for Calculester to explore life, while Calculester's kindness offers Oz a safe place to be sure his insecurities won't work against him. And when he's feeling a bit less insecure, Oz can get more excited and be more open about his hobbies and interests, which is great for Calculester, who's always eager to learn new things. Sometimes it's hard for Oz to feel comfortable speaking his mind, but Calculester might just be the best listener out there![15]
  • Damien LaVey: Oz and Damien don't mix very well since they trigger each other quite easily. They can have a good time, but they really need someone else to act as a mediator to balance their quite different personalities. They can work together if Oz has a special day when he feels more confident than usual or Damien has a special day when he feels calmer or in a better mood than usual.[16]
  • Liam de Lioncourt: Oz and Liam both prefer more chill activities, which is nice. They both enjoy pastimes that require imagination, even if Oz tends to be a bit shy about what he creates while Liam can get quite cocky and judgmental. Actually, that's the biggest risk when these two are together: the moment Liam starts being a bit of a douchebag, Oz stops having fun and starts getting nervous, which annoys Liam, making him even more judgmental... and then things can spiral quite quickly.[17]
  • Miranda Vanderbilt: Oz and Miranda have a nice relationship. Sometimes it's hard for Oz to keep up with Miranda's energy, but in general he enjoys seeing her so happy. And Miranda loves people that enjoy seeing her happy! Also, Oz's shy personality and tendency to comply with other people's whims go well with Miranda's tendency to follow her whims no matter what. It may not be the healthiest combination, but at least they can enjoy each other.[18]
  • Polly Geist: Oz admires how Polly is always happy, positive, and ready to enjoy life. Polly sees this admiration and she values it herself. She would always try to make Oz feel more relaxed so he can just enjoy life the same way she does. Unexpectedly, Polly is one of the people who best understands Oz and the way he might sometimes feel, since some drugs hangovers are close to the chemical imbalance Oz experiences from time to time. Because of this, she cares for Oz being happy, but she’s also understanding and patient when he’s in a hard place, respecting it. And of course, Oz appreciates this big time.[11]
  • Scott Howl: Scott is so loyal and good-hearted that he makes everything a bit easier for Oz, who can get really insecure. He doesn't feel like Scott might end up abandoning him, and that's a huge relief. Also, Scott's tendency to think everything everyone says is smart also plays well to Oz's lack of self-esteem. On the other hand, sometimes Scott's over-the-top energy can be a bit exhausting. And while they both share some interests, they honestly don't share that many![19]
  • Vera Oberlin: Vera understands Oz's personality, and even if she sometimes tags that shyness and insecurity as weakness, at least her understanding makes her treat Oz in such a way that he doesn't freeze up so easily. She values that he's nice and smart, and she can enjoy a good conversation with him. Also, her tendency to want to solve other people's issues can make her a bit more patient with him and even try to make him feel more confident about himself, if only to make him stronger in her eyes. But it's important to remember that this can sometimes be problematic too, since Oz's personality is not necessarily a problem to be fixed. On the other hand, Oz absolutely admires Vera's confidence and strength, and he appreciates that she wants to try and help him.[20]
  • Zoe: More often than not, Oz gets a bit shy and insecure of his geeky hobbies, as he thinks most people will find them silly or lame. Of course, this never happens around Zoe, who validates his love for his many fandoms. When they’re together, Oz is fueled by this validation, and he manages to feel more confident. These two engage in many nerdy activities together, and above all, they’re each other’s first choice for attending cons! Also, both of them are powerful, ancient, entities older than time, Zoe being an endless deity of despair and Oz being the physical embodiment of fear itself. DO they share their wacky and mind-tearing anecdotes of old times? Who knows![1][3]


  • His username for online poker is "BL4CK_GOLD"[21]
  • His name was officially adopted by the developers after a fan said they decided to call Yellow "Oz".[22]
    • Oz was confirmed by the developers to have no last name.[23]
  • His design was directly inspired by the character Death, from @aidosaur/"Yuko"'s comic "Death and Cecilia".[24][25]
  • The developers say that Oz usually goes by he/him and they/them pronouns, but uses he/him more predominately, usually only using they/them when also referring to him and his phobias.
  • Although he appears young and attends Spooky High, Oz is actually a "powerful, ancient entity older than time".[3]
    • Being an "ancient (entity) older than time", Oz does not have a birthday.[26] As he existed before the concept of zodiac signs did, he does not have one.[27]
    • He is also the oldest of the player characters.
  • Oz and Damien usurped Brian and Damien ("Bramien") as the fandom-favorite ship.[28] Their official ship name is "Ozmien".[29]


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