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Sawyer[2] is a red-colored playable character introduced as DLC for Monster Camp. They are the replacement for Amira Rashid.

They are voiced by Ciaran Strange (TBA).[3][4]


Sawyer is a demon with pale grey skin, and two horns protruding from their red hair. They have a small pair of wings and a tail with a spade-like tip, decorated with a small gold band. Their torso is marked with heart-shaped scars, and they wear a gold collar with a heart shaped lock.


Sawyer is described as low-profile and introverted, but not shy,[2][5] and as a "sweet, sweet bean".[4] They also enjoy listening to music.


  • TBA


  • As confirmed by the default pronouns when selecting their character, Sawyer is non-binary and uses They/Them pronouns.
  • There is no official gender-neutral term for a lust demon (compared to the masculine "incubus" and feminine "succubus"). However, the existing terms gain their gendered nature from the implications of their Latin roots, which describe the sexual positions of each creature (succubus: "to lie under"; incubus: "to lie upon"). Therefore, the gender-neutral concubina (from which the word "concubine" is derived), which simply means "to lie with", has come to be adopted as the unofficial name for the type of demon Sawyer is.
    • The developers have also used the term "fuckubus".[1]
  • Sawyer's backpack displays the alchemical symbol for sulfur, also known as the Leviathan Cross or Satan's Cross.[6][7]
  • The heart-shaped scars on their torso are likely meant to reference the scars left from top surgery, a procedure typically undergone by gender-nonconforming people who were assigned female at birth to remove their breasts to achieve a more androgynous or masculine appearance.
  • Sawyer's outfit is based on the "grunge" subculture and fashion style. This aesthetic originates with low-income grunge rock bands of the 1990s, whose clothing style is focused on wearing cheap, oversized, and androgynous clothes, often the only ones affordable to these bands, to purposefully de-emphasize and obscure the silhouette. They commonly included corduroy jackets, flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and Doc Martens shoes.



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